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Home > Electric harley scooter > Harley Scooter EEC M1 EEC scooter
Harley Scooter EEC M1 EEC scooter
Harley Scooter EEC M1 EEC scooter

Harley Scooter EEC M1 EEC scooter

M1 EEC scooter is one of our harley scooter EEC version, a newest EEC scooter. The all new H7P is for you if you are looking for a smart and efficient way to travel. The speeds can reach to 60 km/h effortlessly, Both front and rear wheel shock absorption provides the riders with better comfortable experience.
We have more information about M1 EEC scooter at https://www.facebook.com/standupharleyscooter/

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    Frame material: seamless steel pipe.
    Tire wheel hub: Aluminum wheel 12inch
    Packing Size: 182cm*40.5cm*85cm
    GW./NW.: 80kg/72kgs.

    High speed: 60km/h
    Maxload: 200kgs
    Mileage: 35km/55km/45km
    Gradeability: 40 degree.

    Acceleration mode: Handlebar acceleration
    Braking mothed: Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
    Handlebar width: 78km
    Chassis height from the ground: 13cm
    Height of cushion from the floor: 58cm

    Highly: 109cm
    Length: 203cm
    Motor: 60V, 1500 or 2000W brushless DC motor
    Battery capacity: 12AH or 20AH lithium battery.

    20ft: 57units, 40FT: 114units.
    Charger: 67.2v / 4A aluminum shell
    Charging time: 6-8h.
    Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
    Braking System: Hydraulic Brake+EABS,app control,front and rear shock,turning light,rear light,front light,rear mirrors.

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