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OEM service:
To silkscreen / engrave / stick /attach your logo on the scooter.
Refer to your target and quantity, we customize an unique scooter on our existing scooter basis.
Available to develope a new model with our R&D team.
Shipping guideness:
Shipping by sea on FOB/CIF / DDU /DDP basis, original plane or express delivery door-door service.
To let you have a clear budget before your down payment, we can make a purchasing cost evaluation to your door according to the volume of your final order and a delivery schedule to your hands if need.
Payment method:
We are available with Wire transfer (TT), Western Union, Paypal (Approved Supplier)
We are glad to accept Paypal to ensure your funds especially on first deal.
Our quality management service:
Before assembling, we 100% test each crucial spare part such as li battery /lead-acid battery, charger, controller, motor etc.
After completion, we have our technicians tested each bike, the whole testing process last for at least 5mins.
After-sales service:
Our scooters have 6-month warranty. Electric scooter series has 1-year warranty on the motor, controller and the battery.
We have two ways to supply spare parts for the scooter which is damaged naturally not manually after your photo of damaged part:
>Free spare parts during warranty period, cost price after warranty period. We ship the spare parts with your next order or express to you on customers account.
>We supply 2% spare parts of total value of your order for free with your shipment and supply extra spare parts at cost price if need.
Warnings and Precautions:

All our scooters are for adult used scooter, not for juvenile used scooter (children,kids teenager etc). Please let them stay away from our scooters to avoid any trouble. We use FST or Chaowei lithium-ion battery for our electric scooter series. Both brand names are well known in the battery industry in China. The battery capacity we use is usually either 12ah or 20ah (authentic battery capacity). The charging time varies depending on different battery capacity which takes from 4-6 hours. In order to use the battery safely, do not charge the battery for more than 6 hours per single charge. Read the following details and our Lithium-Ion Battery Maintenance Guidelines before you start charging the battery.

PDF Download

Do not charge the battery pack all night.

Stop charging the battery when the battery is full.

Please remove the charger from the socket after finishing charging the battery .

Stop charging the battery for more than what we present in our price sheet with specification (maximum chargig time 6 hours per single charging).

Stop charging and using the battery if finding out the battery get hot or get warped or other unusual status we mention here.

Do not disassemble, crush, or puncture a battery.

Do not short the external contacts on a battery.

Do not dispose of a battery in fire or water.

Do not expose the battery to high temperature or/and high voltage.

Keep the battery away from children/teenager.

Avoid exposing the battery to excessive shock or vibration.

Do not use a damaged battery.

If a battery pack has leaking fluids, do not touch any fluids.

In case of eye contact with fluid, do not rub eyes. Immediately flush eyes thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes, lifting upper and lower lids, until no evidence of the fluid remains. Seek medical attention.